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Read BEFORE You Buy or Adopt a Bird!

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The Solution

It is time for those of us who love birds to work to tackle the displaced bird problem! The solution is threefold:

1) Education BEFORE Commitment

The public MUST be educated about how demanding captive parrots and other birds can be before they purchase or adopt a bird. Thousands of captive parrots lose their homes each year because they were bought on impulse by someone unaware of a bird's potential noise, mess, aggression, destructiveness, longevity, expense, time commitment, and daily care needs. It is a rare person or family that can make a lifetime commitment to a parrot — they are wild animals! If you are thinking of purchasing or adopting a bird, first read current bird books and magazines, join a local bird club to learn from other members, and volunteer at a local bird adoption and rescue organization for hands-on bird care experience. If you are an experienced birdkeeper, share your knowledge with novices whenever possible. Be creative, and be honest! Describe not only the wonderful things that you enjoy about your bird, but the challenges you face every day in caring for him or her. Explain why your lifestyle and personality are suitable for birdkeeping, and be clear about what a big commitment and sacrifice living with a parrot demands.

2) Don't Breed Birds!

Breeders and pet stores must stop supplying more and more "fresh" baby birds to a highly uneducated market that is already spilling over with displaced birds at the other end. Why bring more birds into the world when the ones who are already here don't have homes? If you are currently a bird breeder, consider taking down your nestboxes, giving your bird pairs a comfortable retirement together, and volunteering during your spare time for a local bird adoption group.

3) Adopt, Don't Buy!

People who love birds, know how to properly care for them, and are dedicated to the rigors of birdkeeping MUST adopt and nurture the displaced birds already in the system. If you have done your research and are ready to make a commitment to your first parrot, or you have room and time to add another bird to your life, contact your local bird adoption group to find a wonderful second-hand parrot in need of a home instead of purchasing a bird from a pet store or breeder. You have the ability to make a critical difference in the life of a displaced parrot!


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